The Game takes place in two diffrent worlds. The Real World and the Raven World. Naoto Shirogane finds herself in a castle fighting Lirimo a swordsman that wants to take over the world using the Seventh Blade. One day after school Zuri is walking home with her adopted brother Ravi they come upon a strange looking person. This person turns out to be the former Demi-Fiend he tells Zuri that she is the new Demi-Fiend and leaves from then on the Ross' lives are never the same.

The Seventh BladeEdit

The 7th blade is a legendary blade that grants it wielder unlimited power

The Real WorldEdit

The Real world is the world that a heroes live in everyday. 

The Raven WorldEdit

the Raven world is the world that Zuri and her allies travel to. It is infested with Demons. Zuri can recruit these demons to aid in her fight.